Thursday, May 5, 2011

Drawing vs Sewing

Drawing is something I like to do I'm fearless, I just jump in and go... if its wrong, I erase it or let it go, I explore the shapes the relationships, I carve it out of the paper. The results are dynamic, messy and just once in awhile, with practice, I get a good one.

Sewing is something I struggle with, I admire it and value it. I love fabric and dye and all the possibilities, its an exciting medium for me, however I'm not sure I was given the tools to ever master it according to the "rules". It is a contemplative practice and I am impatient by nature. I tend to wander off, leaving unfinished shards in my wake. My stitches are uneven my seams are lumpy.

By drawing with the fabric I am trying to get the best of both worlds. The bold energy of drawing practice.

The contemplative construction of the sewing process.


deanna7trees said...

your drawing is amazing. as far as the 'rules' in sewing. i abandoned them long ago.

alsokaizen said...

I'm trying to go with the flow and let those old rules fall by the wayside :)

neki desu said...

rejoice in lumpy seams for they are works of the inner self!!