Friday, May 20, 2011


I'm pretty excited tonight for a number of reasons...

I just got this... I heard a good review over at Geek With Curves.

I have managed to clean out my google reader in the last week or so. Now I am left only with blogs I read. I'm trying to keep up with them, and add the occasional new one.

Geek With Curves is a new one that I like. Amy Ratcliff is more immersed in that culture (Geekdom) than I am but she seems to have a similar taste to mine and is articulate about what she likes and why she likes it.

Tomorrow is my first 5K of the year, and I think I'm ready.

The new book is being saved for our mini-vacation next weekend

I can't believe it but I'm finally going to Disney. No, its not a dream vacation but it will be fun.

Finally we have been approved to adopt 2 dogs the weekend after that.

(yes, we are that crazy)


and Zena:

coming soon!

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