Saturday, May 14, 2011

No birds today but I did grow this older piece by adding a border. This is a very slow piece of cloth, taking its time to develop. Not really sure if the thing in the center is a tree (it is tree like) and the different colors are referencing the compass points/seasons I figure I will let it gel awhile, just tack the weaving and let it suggest the next step.


deanna7trees said...

i love the range of colors and how they blend into each other.

liniecat said...

Struck me as a celtic cross-ish design? But whatever it wants to be........its working anyway lol it looks great!

alsokaizen said...

Hi deanna, I'm becoming more comfortable with the colors as I go on with it.
Hi liniecat, I see what you mean about the celtic cross, I seem to primarily see a tree, maybe its a bit of both?