Friday, May 18, 2018

Memorial Stones

Back in Dec of 2012 I laid out a stone for each of the victims at Sandy Hook, later I would wrap them and finally put them aside in a jar. Something to remember by. I barely mentioned it here and never photographed them, it was a personal gesture. In Feb they were brought out as the same sort of event happened again, and today I am looking at them again.
It keeps happening, and I keep wrapping stones.
I choose a shooting at random and wrap stones for it. One per victim. I choose the stones at random too. Individuals grouped by the event alone, strings are left uncut, unfinished.
Currently the Vegas shooting memorial is being made.
28 done 30 to go
Something to mark the losses. They are starting to pile up and I've barely begun.


Liz A said...

How incredible that you are able to sustain this form of tribute ... how tragic that it is still necessary. And today, yet again, more lives lost in Texas.When will they ever learn?

alsokaizen said...

Liz I don't know what it will take to change this, but I hope we can get there soon