Wednesday, October 1, 2008

3 Seeds

I will eventually get a picture of the entire piece up someday, maybe I will get lucky and have a chance this weekend to get a decent picture.

This is a detail of the last additions to Persephone's Path. Three little seeds made of the discharge fabric attached to the ground cloth with buttonhole stitch. I left the frayed edges, I just liked the way they looked.

One of the aspects of the Persephone myth I find myself drawn to is the moment she chooses to eat the three pomegranate seeds. Prior to this action she is always acted upon by others. Either as the daughter or the unwilling wife of someone she has never been the mistress of her own fate. At the time she is being released from Hades she chooses to eat three seeds he offers her. In that moment she transforms into a woman who has made a choice for herself (although she may not really be savvy to the ramifications of that act). That choice in turn leads her to spend a part of each year in the underworld as its Queen and Guide. She is still someones daughter and wife but she comes into her own independent identity. The detail that she lies to her rather overbearing mother saying that she was forced to eat the seeds is a funny little detail, so human... so many of us find ourselves being untruthful to our parents as we establish our first real independence.

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jude said...

fantastic that you have enhanced this beautiful piece with such a wonderful story.