Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I’ve never been especially good at protecting myself.
My borders tend to be undefined. I have made some very bad deals in my time for attention. I tend to sell myself (artistically speaking) cheaply. I act from a needy place.
Two weeks ago I was faced with some decisions.
In one weekend I was asked to put my work in two different venues and I had to decide if it was a good idea.

A gallery expressed interest in having my work there (Yay! Attention!)
They said I could rent a spot on the wall about 5’ by 5’ for 75.00 a month (wha?)
Right smack dab against someone else’s 5’ by 5’ space (umm…)
Who is in the gallery because they paid not because their work is special (…)

A shop expressed interest in having some of my dyes (Yay! Attention!)
For a 50% cut of the sales (50? Wha?)
I would have to come in and set up the displays myself (huh?)
The shop was sort of dim and dusty looking (uhhh…)
And would I be willing to develop some new things exclusive to the shop based on the owner’s specs? (…)

Y’know the most amazing thing was that it took me two days thinking long and hard before I decided that these were not the offers for me, I deserve better and I won’t settle for less.
I got fierce

Two days later I got a new (fierce) haircut. I’ve gotten more compliments in the first 3 days of my new look than I’ve gotten in a year. I guess I do deserve better.
I’ve begun to base my decisions based on the question “What would the woman with this hair do?”
Christine Kane has a great take on resolutions. Simply put choose just one word to embody the changes you want to make in the coming year, what you really want to be.
Fall has always been a time of new beginnings in my life.
I’m choosing Fierce


Carol Dean said...

Brava! May the Fierce be with you! :)

jeanne herself said...

fierce is a very good word. and haircut.

alsokaizen said...

Thank you both and may the fiece be with you as well :)

Anonymous said...


Fierce is it not, lovely it is!