Sunday, October 26, 2008

Frozen in Time

Once upon a time I made a bunch of heat set ginkgo leaves. I thought I would do a large piece based off of the original sketch for this attempt and what I came up with here. Ginkgo leaves, circles... with the addition of the 3-D quality I started to think of ripples, leaves gently drifting down onto a pool of water, all very poetical and graceful. This is as far as it got and all I know for sure is its missing something... Shawn suggested color... maybe... all I do know is its missing something. For this picture I took it outside in the sun so the textures (which I still love) would be visible. Right now it is sitting in my studio sulking at me as it has done for months. grrr.


jude said...

i am am frozen in anticipation.

alsokaizen said...

Hi jude thanks for the vote of confidence, I think my problem is I'm being a bit too precious about these bits and pieces. It'll come when its ready or when I get fierce on it :)

Elisefilt said...

I love this method and this design.
I am very facinated of the Gingko tree and its history. Do you kwow it?


alsokaizen said...

Hi elsie
I know very little about gingkos but I understand they have been around since prehistoric times with very little change. What draws me in about them is their form I think they are very beautiful