Monday, October 20, 2008


Aren’t these pretty fabrics?
I bought them ohh…probably 2 years ago on a whim. I loved the woven texture and the subtle colors. They have many different threads in the weft and a single color on the warp. 2 years, and there they sat.
Sometime last winter I finally tried to make something with them. I was trying for a folder cover. Good idea poor execution the design didn’t work out but I did discover that the fabric looks terrific with this vat dyed fabric.
The weave provides a nice contrast to the bold shapes and suede-like texture of the vat dyes. Since the project didn’t function I put it aside and there it sat…for 3 months.

Then I thought hmm how about table runners? That would look nice. I broke out the woven and edged it with some plain denim twill for stabilization and to stretch the supply. It looked good, time for the pattern, I fiddled with it poked at it and was unhappy with my designs. So there it sat… for 4 more months.

Finally last week I woke up thinking Aha! Hawaiian quilt patterns! I can modify the designs from them! That’ll be awesome!
Tonight I got the first prototype done, there will be tweaks in the pattern and execution but I actually like the way it turned out quite well. Measures approx 12” by 52”

Vat dyed cotton knit fused and stitched to the woven ground. I did the top stitching with a contrasting thread.

Only 8 more to go... I hope I can get them done a little faster than this one!


jude said...

i agree, the yarn dyed woven fabric lends such a nice textural variation to printed or solid fabrics. they are my favorite.

alsokaizen said...

Hi jude!
they were quite a lovely surprise up in the bagain attic of the store :)