Thursday, June 11, 2009

Early June Garden

Today's work is kinda the same as yesterday's so here are some garden pics...

Can you believe this hosta has flown on a plane? I brought it back from Wisconsin after a visit to my dad's. Its a powerhouse too, maybe I should get more plants from WI

Clematis, NOT the one I planted with the rose (which shows NO sign of ever appearing) this one used to be planted with the Monty Python Rose but never did well there as it was too dry, I moved it and I think it is much happier in its new location

Yellow Flags, these were dug out of a friend's compost heap where they had seeded themselves. I got a bunch of them that day, they too are survivors, growing in some tough areas in my yard.

Iris (store bought) not sure what kind these are, but I put in quite a few last fall, I swear to god they have had shoots up out of the ground since February, getting beat up by frost and cold. I wasn't sure how they would do after all of that (I told them to go back in and sleep a little longer but they didn't listen)

They are definitely fluffing up the Bird Garden where not much is blooming, except THIS....

My peonies! I have three plants (mail order dry root) which have suffered a few indignities (besides being mail order dry root) since I got them. They have been eaten by deer, brutally transplanted, and rather starved for moisture their first year. They seem to like the new location (moister and less deer prone) So much so they have put out four blossoms!


coral-seas said...

I think your unknown iris are 'Dutch Iris'. I had two varieties in my garden and they were pretty reliable but this year only 2 have grown :(


alsokaizen said...

Hi Carol Anne
That sounds vaugly familiar so you must be right, I'm glad to hear they are reliable, I've had problems with chipmunks eating bulbs before... I wonder if yours have provided a nice meal for some little creature!