Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Results Are In

Well here is what came of it all

became this:

and this:

became this:

and finally, this:

became this:

Of course none of these really approach the complexity of the real sea urchin, however I like the results and I have a few ideas of what I want to try next...


Eric Heupel said...

I have experimented with creating an urchin texture as well, with very limited success (I think you're on a better path than I was). The complexity of an urchin is wonderful and the tests (shells) left behind are in absolute beauties. I will be trying again this summer to create a pattern of the tests. Circles within circles, surrounded by circles separated by waves.

alsokaizen said...

Hi Eric
Thats exactly what has captured my attention! Sea urchins have a kind of mathmatical allure to them (actually most shells do) they and plants seem to display their underlying structure so nakedly. I guess their cells just stack in that particular pattern. My attempts don't really have enough order to them to look like the real deal but I'm enjoying the trying, I'm looking forward to seeing how your next experiment comes out...