Saturday, June 27, 2009

End of June

We have seen a bit of sun today! Now thundery weather is rolling through ...
Once again I find myself wandering in the garden for a recharge.


not much of this in the gardens this year, well there are plants but only a few are doing any blooming. I have an idea that this is one of those plants that don't recharge the way other perennials do they wear themselves out blooming and then come back with very few blooms.


This tree is a volunteer and I'm not sure if I want it or not. I like the graceful shape of the tree and the flowers are very pretty (like orchids or iris in shape)

however in the fall the leaves (which are large) turn toxic black and drop like dead bodies all over the lawn, plus I think the mature trees drop weird foot long bean-like pods too... I remain undecided about it in the meantime it is growing fast.

no idea what the real name of this rose is but it has earned its name from us and so it shall remain. It has begun its show of blossoms again.

The flowers seem to be zooming through their bloom times this year,I expect thats because we have been having unusually cool weather tis summer so it still seeems like we should be seeing early season flowers.

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jude said...

i agree, the weather has changed so much this year....