Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sneak Peek

This is a taste of the 3 panels in their final form. This old screen was my great grandmother's. I have held onto it for years looking for the right way to finish it.

It may be awhile more before I can call the project done as I will have to complete the refinishing of the wood and I'm not quite sure when I will have the opportunity to do it.

I have scheduled a few craft fairs for the fall/holiday season.

Like so many others I am having mixed feelings about doing fairs, I feel I should take the opportunities to (possibly) make some extra money, but so often I find myself at them wishing I could find a better way to use my time. The whole thing is compounded by an uncertainty about what it is I really want to be doing with my life...

(selling? art? licensing? playing with the dog?)

Its a bit of a muddle that I am trying to find a way out of these days and sometimes it leaves me feeling blue.

I guess its time to go make some shibori.

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