Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ya just never know....

The dye gods are capricious. As I was commenting to Leilani yesterday in comments sometimes you open up a piece of work and it is just wonderful.
See above, that one made me go "Squee!" when I opened it.
Other times...not so much.

Sometimes its an error in planning like not checking the fiber content of a piece of fabric.
this makes an interesting picture but it was a poly cotton mix and the dyes are faded and kinda sad.
Sometimes you are just messing about and hoping for the best and it just doesn't happen.
It is exactly like opening gifts at the holidays, some of them are better than you could have hoped for and others leave you going "WTF am I supposed to do with this?"
Lately its been a mixed bag with the discharge pieces, I truly have no idea what this will be good for beyond the learning experience, It has been discharged and overdyed two times. Definitely time to just put it aside and see if it can find a good home.


beth said...

I join you in your "squee". That is great! Isn't it awesome when that happens!

I accidentally made a pot of discharge chemicals that were about twice as strong as I wanted. My resists weren't tight enough either, so I essentially spent lots of time turning cranberry & blue velvet into shades of olive "ick". But I slapped the remains of some other print paste i was using on it stuck the pole in a bucket outside, forgotten for 3 days in the cold... and wound up with the best scarf I've ever done.

Those dye gods like to play with us - that's for sure. :-)

alsokaizen said...

Hi beth
the moments when you are really expecting nothing special and something turns around to become totally gorgeous are awesome. That is what keeps you coming back for more!