Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tiger Skin

Cool! I made a tiger skin!
The arashi discharge came out really nice, the cotton gauze discharged nicely with a diluted bleach wash. The bleach was sponged onto the wrapped fabric then I dabbed some golden yellow and camel dyes right on top of it. This dulls the dye down and tints the fabric lightly.

I had folded the fabric in half before I wrapped it and because my wrapping and binding were both so dynamically imperfect they created the tiger skin effect.

I planned to cut this fabric up to help with the background of a stalled piece of work but now I kinda hate to... but I dont know what purpose keeping it whole would serve either.
I spent the rest of the day dyeing shirts, not too exciting but satisfying in its own way.
More experiments tomorrow...


Storm1 said...

really nice post. I find shibori totally fascinating.

jude said...

this tiger cloth is gorgeous!

alsokaizen said...

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!