Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Beauty of Numbers

OK I admit I grew up math phobic. Not exactly unusual amongst the arty set. For a long time I thought I was kind of limited in that regard. As I've gotten older I have developed a respect for math especially algebra, and I use it alot in recipes and planning designs. I'm over it, I know what I need to know and I have an inkling of the abstract beauty of numbers. I really think I just need to learn math in a different way than it is commonly taught in our public school system. I seem to require visual aids, I resist memorization (massively) but I have no problem with the abstraction and am rather intuitive in some regards.

I think it is one of the reasons I'm attracted to patterns especially naturally found ones.

I grew up with a dad who was a chemistry PHD, and fascinated by computers and electronics... he was not math phobic. He was also the person in my family who shared my love of animation with me... He is still with me but far away and unable to get out to animation festivals, Parkinson's disease is slowly taking it all away from him.

so I give you this link in honor of him.

I found it over at Lines and Colors (highly recommended)


neki desu said...

another mathophobe here and for the same reasons.
algebra was totally incomprehensible when i studied and passed just bcse the teacher was my best friend's mother.
thanks for the link. such a beautiful tribute to his mother.

jude said...

hey what a beautiful post...thank you....

alsokaizen said...

Thank you both