Monday, March 22, 2010

Selected Thoughts

I fell out of the blogging rhythm again. Its easy to do when you are busy and then all the thoughts sort of back up... too many things to talk about.
I spent a week and a little getting my production run done. A few odd thoughts

Tie dye/Dyeing has many things in common with old fashioned "housework" it is labor intensive

Although I consider myself a feminist and hope to be an artist, to my secret shame I like housework and simple tasks (although not exclusively) I can get pleasure from doing simple repetitive tasks well if I'm not worried about efficiency or money

There is spiritual worth to be found in simple labor, and our society has lost sight of the worth of working with ones hands.

Studio space matters, as does having the proper equipment. I've messed my back up a bit working on tables that are 10 inches too low.

While I am of the opinion that daylight savings time is pointless, I was happy to see more light in the afternoon. My rock art took on the appearance of an alien creature temporarily

I got back to the beach again... guess what I picked up?

Spring has sprung up with surprising speed in my yard. My earliest bloomers are back!
Tonight I will be experimenting again with a new idea/technique so I should have something to talk about tomorrow!

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