Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sales Call

Tomorrow I will be visiting a local artisan gallery to show them some of my work. I have been trying to get to this point for 3 months. Missed calls, schedual conflicts, you name it, plus some minor breakdowns on my part...

You might say I'm not a natural salesperson, in fact I regard the breed with a bit of suspicion. I've experienced too many who are callous and mercenary.

I am uninterested in developing either of those qualities in myself.

I also tend to take rejection personally even when it clearly isn't.

Add to that a tendency to undervalue myself, and a lack of clarity regarding my objectives and you can see why this isn't my strongest suit.

So sticking this out and finally getting myself an appointment is a Big Deal to me.

I've been warned that they aren't presently buying but I want to get myself positioned/available for the next seasonal cycle if I can.

So my objectives are clear for the moment

1 show the items I have that I think fit in their array

2 find out when they do the next round of purchasing so I can send them an update of items they might like

3 smile and be engaging :)

Thats it,

I think I can manage, sort of the Kaizen approach to dealing with salesphobia...

And in other news I did the overdye tonight so we will see what happens with that too!


julia moore said...

Annalise, you will wow them at the gallery for sure. Your worst fears will be unfounded and your best intentions will be realized. You will rock them, because you have done your homework. I like your thought process. I think I will copy it, because I deal with the same s--- in my head too! Your work is so beautiful, you may be very surprised what happens. Love, Julia

gunj said...

your pack looks tempting.. best of luck.. have been following your blog from long ..love your stuff...

alsokaizen said...

Oh thanks!
I will report back on the outcome... fingers crossed

neki desu said...

boy i can see myself in this post.