Saturday, March 6, 2010

A New Color

I'm trying a new color mix and style, doesn't really look like much yet does it?
I will be washing them out tomorrow, I expect they will be more interesting then.
We had beautiful weather here today so my plans to shut myself in the cellar and fold/dye shirts got a little subverted with airing out the house and sitting in the sun with the dog for a little while. I did get some of it done and I will be folding and dyeing like crazy tomorrow.


Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

I don't know, already looks pretty fantastic to me! If this is what it looks like now, I can't wait to see it when it's done!

P.S. my 7 yera old thinks that the image on your header looks like somebodies boobs ;} I have to say, it's crossed my mind once or twice too.

alsokaizen said...

Eeep it kinda does doesn't it?
hmm might be time to look for a new header :)