Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Experiments in Ombre Part Ugh

Have I mentioned before that the Dye Gods are capricious?
I was all confident that I pwned this Ombre thing... Ha!
Here you will see my folly

This piece was folded at 3 angles I was hoping for an isolated motif that diminished into white.
I got an UGLY symetrical blob

This was straightforward, vertically pleated fabric. The dye didn't wick into the fabric far or evenly and it haloed jarringly. I used leftover burgundy dye for these and that is probably part of the problem. Reds can be "stiff" with a resistance to penetrating the fabric at the best of times. Week old dye is not the "best of times". The true yuck of the haloing doesn't truly show in this picture, the red is ugly, like crime scene ugly, and it is surrounded by vivid blue and stained white... Burgundy is a complex mix of colors and the blue in it obviously has a greater affinity to the fabric than the other colors in it.

Here I thought I would try to get a diagonal line fading to white on either side. This is what is called a waste of fabric or a learning experience depending on your mood.
I'm not done yet though... however I think I will try to approach this again with a little more care, fresh dye, and a different color choice.


neki desu said...

perhaps the red was fuchsia,infamous for haloing. have you tried the mix with another red?
however, the experiment is interesting.

Vicki W said...

Dyeing keeps us humble! I was doing something last weekend that I have done dozens of times with predictable results....except this time when it all went haywire! Of course, even a badly dyed piece of fabric is good and can always be overdyed or painted or stamped or ANYTHING!

alsokaizen said...

Hi Neki
the burgundy was a premixed color that I'm really not too fond of so I am not exactly sure what the components are but it does look like fushia
Humble is the word Vicki! and yes I will find some sort of use for the fabric, just not sure what yet.