Wednesday, April 21, 2010

5 Minutes

ask small questions~to dispel fear and inspire creativity
think small thoughts~to develop new skills and habits
take small actions~that guarantee success
solve small problems~even when faced with overwhelming difficulties
bestow small rewards~to yourself or others to produce the best results
recognize the small but crucial moments that everyone else ignores
I'm trying the 5 minute method to get myself moving again. As unsettled as I am these days I can still manage 5 minutes on a creative project each day. I've done this before to good effect. Taking such a small action has an eroding effect on the resistance/fear in me. Its such a small goal that I can reach it with ease. Success is guaranteed. Each little success sands down the fear in me. Then the fun can kick in and it takes on a life of its own.


Quilt or Dye said...

This made me think of your wrapped rocks.

jude said...

there is a nice order to the stone wrapping.... it makes me imagine each thread added and placed.

alsokaizen said...

Ooo thanks for the link. I love the thoughts expressed there
Ooo thanks for the link. I love the thoughts expressed there
Hi jude the wrapping sort of builds on itself. I begin with an idea of where I want to be and sort out the steps to get there as I go

neki desu said...

i need to remember that mantra.
the stones are like its( the mantra) physical memory

alsokaizen said...

I like that... kaizen stones or maybe kaizen totems!