Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Steps

I've dropped out of the art swing for the last few weeks.
Usually I'm inclined to beat myself up for that sort of behavior (not that THAT helps any)
This time I will try a different path and acknowledge that my life has been developing on some different fronts lately.
Work has been changing for me for the last year or so, its a good change, into a position of more responsibility, interaction, and new experiences (my first business trip last week). I feel as though some growth is taking place there on my part.
I've also started really paying attention to my diet for the first time in years. I am trying to lose a little weight... the pounds have been creeping up in the past couple of years.
And gain some fitness... as my activity level has dropped off the weight has gone up.
Nothing crazy or obsessive just less calories, more fiber and water, and more movement.
This does mean tracking food and being less passive about what I eat. More cooking and awareness of the choices I make. Making the time to get moving on a regular basis.
Its all a shift in priorities, and I have been negotiating it at the cost of artwork.
The artwork habit has been pretty wobbly for months now, I keep picking it up and putting it down.
I have a difficult time with balancing my life, I'm pretty good at "all or nothing" but all or nothing doesn't work equally well for all things. I tend to focus on one aspect of my life at the cost of everything else and it gets all out of whack.
So baby steps are called for to regain my stride, this evening I cleaned up my studio, and poked at a few projects that are laying around. Its a start.


Quilt or Dye said...

All things in their time.

nandas said...

you are on the right path... i hear you loud and clear! balance is oh so important. i try to be as organized as i can be to accomplish my priorities. ahhh priorities...there is the real rub for me. my dh who is an artist says the housework takes up too much time...i should just not look. thats a hard one for me but if i leave dishes then i can work more. hmmmm.

Julie said...

I can echo so much of what you are saying here, especially about weight slowly creeping on and exercise. Equally with focus and being pulled in several directions. Good luck with your new position at work and I'll look forward to following your art journey again when you have time for it. Baby steps sound good :o)

jude said...

sometimes this just happens....

alsokaizen said...

Yeah Its just one of those times... everything is in flux and needs to settle into a new pattern. Its probably a good sign that I can recognize whats going on.

tiedyejudy said...

It is good when we can work a little on something without feeling pressured to finish right away. I recently started knitting, and can do a little, put it up, go back when time permits... amazing how quickly my project is completed without really trying! As for the weight, it took time to put it on, it takes time to lose it. Best to focus on healthy eating, and the weight will diminish. I just have to learn to say 'no' to chocolate!

alsokaizen said...

Yeah the small focus serves me best
for all things, art, projects, weight... little steps taken consistantly works where waiting for all the stars to align perfectly doesn't