Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This evening I started to add some beads to this Kaizen Stone.

You will notice that the first bead is laying a little crooked while the others are anchored in place and stand straight off the stone.

As I was working I started toying with a "stitch back" method using a variation of blanket stitch.

I gravitate to blanket stitch... its so useful. Maybe it falls into crochet hard to say its been a long time since I crocheted

It anchors the beads really nicely, hope I remember how to do it tomorrow.

I'm sure directions for this sort of thing are out there on the interweb somewhere but I'm too lazy to look for em, plus its kind of fun to "invent it"

I may go back and fix that first one. The others look so nice compared to it...

I've always been impressed with coral seas dedication to perfecting her craft over at Threads Across the Web especially the way she will backtrack on a piece in order to get it just right.

In the end it is so worth it.

I tend to get so caught up in the idea that sometimes I buzz through the craft with a "well it's good enough" attitude... Slowing down a little bit and really studying how to do things gives a chance to really reflect on the idea and look at the deeper layers in it.

Another person who shares that deeper looking is jude over at Spirit Cloth.

She really studies the details of what she is doing... both the idea and the craft.

Her results are a beautiful marriage of form and thought.

Yeah, I think I will go back and fix that bead...

no rush...

a little time to explore the ideas involved in making these pieces

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