Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hopes and Blooms

Spring is running about 10 days ahead of schedule here in New England
Today was a lovely day, bright and warm so gardening took priority
So you get to see garden photos!
The Japonica has just begun to bloom

This is the very first garden I put in when we moved here 10 years ago.
I was very proud of my dry laid stone wall, time for some repairs a bit of it has begun to tumble

This is the only one of these tulips that has come back with a bloom, I suspect they require feeding .

This is the second garden I put in. It is really hard to get things to grow in it as it is nearly desert dry in the summer. Catmint and Phlox do pretty well here.

I finished putting the bird garden in two years ago. Last year I began the long process of establishing some of the larger plants. Looking a bit skimpy but I'm trying to avoid my most common mistake of cramming it full and losing plants

One of my flowering trees is actually flowering! I got these from the Arbor Day society, bare root stock, and a rough few first year or so but they seem to be coming into their own now.

This bed has a color focus of yellow/purple in the summer right now it is more green and orange.

Another view of it

Our property has a huge retaining wall of rocks in the back. Some of those suckers are 1/2 the size of a VW Bug. I added a border a few years ago and the plantings are starting to come along.
Its taken me awhile to figure out which plant can survive my neglect. I don't water or feed as much as I need to. Last year it was a huge disappointment, alot of deer damage early in the season followed by a very wet early summer left it looking very poorly. I'm hoping it will do a bit better this year.

Spirea is one of the plants that seem to do well in spite of me. I love the spring color.

I have a thing for bronze colored foliage. Not sure what this shrub is but its really pretty.

Brunneria is blooming, love that blue!

I love red leaves too, my Japanese maple is unfurling its leaves.

Hucherea more beautiful leaves. I figure I will be looking at leaves more than flowers so I tend to choose based on the colors and textures of the plants when they aren't in bloom.

This was a new purchase today called Blue Star Creeper its supposed to do well along walkways and between step stones... I put it into the bird garden with high hopes.

Mostly today I spent a great deal of time dividing up Creeping Phlox. I have some nice sized plants and it is just so extravagantly pretty at this time of year, I want more of it in the yard.
Tomorrow is supposed to be cool and rainy and tonight I will be out late as Lar has a gig that I plan to go to. It will be a good day to think about the background for this...


Anna said...

It IS running early this year... lilac usually doesn't come out til May!

alsokaizen said...

Yep lilac are starting to bloom all over

Quilt or Dye said...

I love all your rock gardens!

neki desu said...

and late for us. just last week we were able to shed winter clothes,the lows had been at around 7ªC and the highs at 12.13º!