Wednesday, May 7, 2008


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Best laid plans aside....
So tonight I was supposed to be working on any of the current projects I've recently started. Instead I ended up immersing myself in the challenge glennis set of trying to recreate the resist method used to create this gorgeous piece posted by narablog in the flicker pool
here is what I tried (2 attempts)
using a soft, light weight plain weave canvas I drew a grid of 1/2 inch squares in washout pencil on one I added 1/4 lines as well
I tried 2 different stitch layouts one of alternate rows and one off set by 1/2
(ok that description sucks, lets let the pics demonstrate)
These were pulled to create the lines
and dyed with 2 densities of thickened dye
I will post results tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

the one piece i've tried so far is like the one on the left-with all the stitching lined up on a grid. even if we discover this is not the method used on this design i see some very interesting mokume ahead of us! thanks for joining in.
sorry for diverting you from your intended work...i'm currently obsessed with wiring and creating armatures for shibori ribbon jewelry but will do a little more today with the challenge myself...

alsokaizen said...

Hi glennis I'm interested to see the results we get. I will be posting some results tonight
oh and please don't be concerned about the diversion :) It was more than likely I was going to get diverted by something and I'm much happier with this than Mah Jongg

teegee said...

ha ha great minds must think alike...

my fist stab at it looked like the one on the right.

But i had tension issues with getting the threads tight enough. (and the color was crappy- but I wanted to use it up.)

I blogged it this morning (and added you to my blogroll- hope you don't mind)