Monday, May 5, 2008

Many Projects No Resolution

I've been neglecting this blog like my houseplants. I am actually working on many things (too many) but very little is getting finished. These are the ongoing projects at present

  • Discharge brown linen (?) panels- love what I've gotten so far, the shibori is completed and I have a bunch of ideas of what I can do with it but no clear decision has been made for the next step...

  • Frequencies #2- this is the 2nd sampler made from the heat set shibori (new name for the series) I'm exploring some new ideas, introducing more colors and playing with the vibration aspect it...sorry no pics at present

  • Earth Haori- I got it cut out of the fabric last week but haven't sewn a stitch yet

  • Jacket- also cut out a pattern for a jacket, I think I've had this fabric sitting about for 18 years finally got my act together and chose a pattern to use it

  • 9 Table runners- all based off of this design, have only gotten the bases sewn and now must add fused embellishments and top stitch them

  • Ginkos#2- stalled, I haven't worked on it in a week

  • Ginkos#1- so stalled I may abandon it and use the elements for something else

  • New Yoga Bag- this is done, its a rough prototype and a bit lumpy but useful to me, I made it from blue linen/cotton with a discharged detail for the pocket

I've also laid out the bird garden...this means there are a bunch of pegs stuck in the ground with twine mapping out the paths and beds to be dug, essentially it is a note to myself that I have undertaken a project that will entail many, many hours of hard labor...but I won't think about that now.

I'm still trying to get new products into the ETSY store, attend yoga, spin and karate, and all the usual life stuff like work too.

This is where I start to feel a little oppressed and frantic.

It is also where I start my Kaizen chant: choose one thing and get a little bit done its all you can do and it is enough...

I know I'm not the only one with this overload, how do you handle it?


teegee said...

I have no clue how to handle it. Made the mistake of starting to experiment with other dyes, remazol, and now lanaset. The remazols for silk painting I'm finding very frustrating, and it just adds to the feeling of floundering. I have 6 pillows pieced using itajime hemp/silk that I did 6 months ago, but the sewing machine died and the replacement is wonky.
There are 4 poles waiting to be discharged. and 2 shibori "paintings" waiting for the "next step".

Cant decide if I'm coming or going. Can't get time to list on my etsy shop anything but simple stuff. I think a good spring cleaning is in order and going through my sketch/project book and making a plan.

Something tells me with a plan- I am more likely to finish some of these and get the outcomes I want, rather than flopping around from one thing to another and coming up with shruggy "eeech" instead. You know- the stuff that you are neither proud of, nor learned from.

alsokaizen said...

Oh teegee I hear ya and I'm thinking the same thing lately, that it may be time to clear out some of the extra projects from my life... trouble is I can't for the life of me figure out what is the "extra" stuff!!
I know that this comes from an inability or an unwillingness to define what it is that I want for my "art" career.
I think that experimenting has to go into a special box though, its important to keep those new sparks igniting, but since it is new the learning curve can be tough to negotiate.
I have faith we will both find our answers (or at least enjoy the journey!)