Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beginning a Garden

I've officially started to work on the bird garden! (it isn't official until I've gotten totally dirty). Last year we put in a front walk to our door which was a very big project and very satisfying. When we did it was decided to create a garden that surrounded it since the front lawn in that area wasn't really coming in even after 6 years of loving care by lawn guy.
I love to feed the birds but having feeders on the porch leads to much seed and poop so we decided to create a garden with feeding stations throughout it and beds with shruby bits for birds to hang out in while digesting their dinners.
Two weeks ago I bought the posts and some little shrubs, then life got busy and there they sat waiting. This weekend we had some surprisingly nice weather so I got my butt in gear and started to dig. I got the posts set and all of the shrubs in and even started to get the beds dug. This is going to be one of those projects that goes on and on. We have very poor soil so if I want even a modest amount of success with my plants I have to amend it heavily. Each bed must be dug out, all rocks removed (many many rocks), then all of the soil must be mixed with some organic matter (compost and peatmoss usually), replaced, then mulched so it doesn't immediately sprout a crop of weeds. I generally pull out at least one rock the size of my torso per bed dug along with all of its cousins (8 to 12 rocks the size of my head) and three 5 gal buckets full of podadahs* (little rocks the size of my fist)
Its gonna be quite a long summer. I love the idea though and I really think it will look nice when its finished, so from time to time I wil be posting on how it is coming along.

*Rhode Island pronunciation of potatos


ACey said...

here in central Massachuetts it's more like baDAYdohs. Like the shape and start of your new garden. New gardens are so much fun. A lot of work, too, but so rewarding.

alsokaizen said...

Hi Acey
glad you like it!
I think that some chemical reaction occurs in the brain wherein the excitement of the new garden completely obscures the amount of work that is involved (otherwise who would start one?)

teegee said...

Hey- meant to comment last week and realized i never did...

Your GAHDEN looks fabulous. Lots of work, but fabulous. If you want- you can huck those little ones up to Metrowest and I'll use them in my garden. I'd love to be able to create more walkways, but lack the space.

Your's looks great! Enjoy- this weekend- perfect gardening weather.