Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Frequencies 2

Way back when I posted on a little experiment I tried using the heat set shibori. I really liked certain aspects of the first piece and it suggested a number of other things for me to try. I enjoyed the vibrational quality of this particular poly, it is woven with different colored warp and weft so the color shifts as the fabric moves through space. This reacts really nicely with the texture of the shibori. My first piece was somewhat monotone so for this try I decided to introduce some more color and a greater range of values. I liked the metallic thread in the first one so I kept that but I couched it down with some colored floss and each of the TV motifs are surrounded with a colored border. i definitely feel that the introduction of the colors is an improvement. Inside each little screen motif there is a picture obscured by cheesecloth and metallic stitching, Trying to emphasize the TV aspects....
less satisfied with this part and I probably will modify that in the next attempt. I love to work in a series because I can slowly explore all of the ideas I get as I work. Each attempt brings forth new ideas for refinements and allows the idea to develop without pressure to be perfect. I only wish I could work faster.

This has been a challenging month I seem to be short on time and drowning in commitments. I have decided to try to finish all of the projects I have started before beginning anything new... I wonder if I can stick to that. I have also fallen out of the habit of doing my morning pages and I've been noticing a drop in productivity so I am recommitting to that discipline and I think it will correct itself. It does feel good to finish something!

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