Monday, May 12, 2008


Boy those weekends fly by don’t they?
I spent a good deal of time messing about with a vessel design. I’ve had this particular idea for a vessel made from fabrics that I have dyed… the only problem being that I’m unsure of how to make the actual vessel and cover it with fabrics. I finally bit the bullet and bought some screening and began trying some ideas. I managed some very lumpy experiments the first day and then this rather cute little bag/vessel the second day. Nothing so far manages to approach the ideas I have germinating in my head but concrete progress is always more satisfying than vague ideas. There are still some pesky construction issues to deal with but I feel as though I’m getting a handle on how to approach them.

The bag is actually reversible which wasn’t planned but is kind of fun.

I’m glad I took the time to try these experiments even though I have been feeling a bit oppressed by the to-do list. Sometimes it is hard for me to invest the time into the experimental phase of a project. There is a very skeptical side to my personality that keeps looking at its watch and saying “OK that thing you just spent over 2 hours on looks like a mutant head of lettuce… and this benefits us how??”

But I know in my heart that the really good stuff comes from the stretching of ideas and exploring new paths. I have to learn to tell that particular voice to just chill for the next few hours and then you can nag me about the bottom line when recess is over!


teegee said...

Mutant head of lettuce or not- I'm impressed you are tackling sewing something round :-) That makes me nutty.

Love the color- very lovely! And tell the little voice to be quiet. And mine too.

Anonymous said...

i know what you mean about spending lots of time experimenting with an idea-sometimes only to abandon it altogether. i have recently spent copious amounts of time wiring shibori into sculptural forms-who knows where it will lead....
like the vessel idea-perhaps wire might be of interest to you here.
i imagine seeing this piece in a dark room with light eminatting from it.

alsokaizen said...

Hi teegee
that little voice makes a good servant but a crummy master...yours too!
hi glennis
I will be watching your experiments with intrest, wire is definately an option I'm keeping open It is a true balancing act to be able to experiment and remain productive Sometimes I think I should set up a schedual for playtime...