Sunday, July 26, 2009


Alright! I've managed to reduce my books by 1/3

Its not a complete victory, I did cheat and put a couple of boxes up in the attic.

I also kept one stack of "read 'em again" books to go through and make a decision on when I've reread them.

The shelves in the studio now feel under control and that is a very nice feeling indeed.

I have started an area in the cellar that is full of stuff to get rid of one way or another.
It is occupying the same space the credenza from hell was in prior to the yard sale.

In spite of getting rid of all that stuff at the yard sale there still seems to be a great deal to process out of this house.

Again no artwork has been done, the purging satisfies my creative needs for the moment.


Anonymous said...

my feeds

Anna said...

How can you declutter in all this HEAT?

alsokaizen said...

OMG! it is icky out!