Monday, July 20, 2009

Project Linus

I'm looking into donating the fabrics to Project Linus
I'm not sure if they will be interested or not...
I've decided that I will go through the mess and pull out 2 totes to keep and get rid of the rest
(maybe 3)
I'm going to try to be tough with myself
As you remember I recently cleaned out my bedroom of all the excess stuff. It has since become the model which I want to base the rest of the house on. I honestly feel a sense of restfulness when I go in that room now because I KNOW everything in it is something I want, use and love.
My studio is a particular problem area, I hate to let my ideas go but I also find I just cannot process them all. I am jammed up. Organizing the mess just moves it around, stuff has got to go (I think I did this last year too...unsuccessfully)
I will also be getting back on the creative horse I have fallen off of recently. I don't think it will be my focus but I'd like to keep the pump primed so that as I make room I will be in a position (mind set) to fill it with stuff that is important to me.
My computer isn't getting along with my camera lately, I will try to get some pictures up tomorrow, for decoration.


leilani said...

Good solution!

alsokaizen said...

I hope I hear back from them soon if I dont I will see if I cannot find somewhere else to donate it to I don't want it and I don't want to just toss it either...