Monday, July 13, 2009


Tonight I will be spending what is left of the evening clearing some space in my studio. The last few weeks have left me a huge mess in here. In the process of going through all these old boxes I have found some items that I want to find new homes for. Normally I have three work surfaces in my studio (plus an ironing board) and when I find myself working on projects on the floor then its time to clean up.

I will be running a small tiedye class tomorrow at the local library as a part of their summer youth program I can't really take pictures of it for the blog because its kids and people are not cool with that (which I get) then with what is left of the week I will prepare myself for a craft fair this weekend. I haven't done any craft fairs since last December... I've felt a little burned out on them and not really sure its a good use of my time, I'm still not sure... but I have some thoughts on it and I will mull them as the week goes by.


leilani said...

Sylvia Marie Polk, the needlework artist, calls this sort of activity her "fallow time". The time when her creative self is subconsciously regenerating itself so that fresh ideas may sprout and grow.

I've always loved this analogy and I'll bet that when you are done with your sorting and excavating you will have a burst of creative energy. It works for me every time.

And yes, especially in this economy, shows don't seem to be the best use of our time.

alsokaizen said...

Hi leilani
love that thought...
I definately feel fallow inside. Sometimes my monkey brain has a hard time accepting quiet as quiet
and not a lack, other times I am able to just let it be and not struggle with it, I'd like to learn how to just surrender to the fallow season within with faith that it will turn just as the ones without do.