Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunny Day

Sunshine for 2 days in a row, with bright blue skies and soft widely scattered clouds (widely is key here)
We have been going through a wet dark summer so far, frankly I bear up alot better than the sunworshipers do, I don't mind cool at all and I was never one for sunbathing (boring)

I will admit though that today I was called by the siren song of the sun to garden the day away.
The results are never quite as impressive as you think they will be, once new plants are in the ground they seem so much smaller than they do in the pots.
I did some transplanting, trimming and moving of some of the established plants too.

This is the first summer that we have been here that I am concentrating on just letting plants fill in and finding some balance in the beds. Usually this time of year finds me digging away trying to get some new beds made. Last year I removed the small front lawn that was allergic to grass and put in the beds in the pic above. I've added plenty of plants to it but it still looks kind of skimpy to me, I'm trying to resist jamming them full of stuff though because I want the trees and shrubs to really have a chance to get established.

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jeanne, herself said...

oh, do i ever recognize that impatience! the instructions will say to plant things 12-18 inches apart, but i put them real close together, without regard for giving them space to grow and expand. love the bed and the stones surrounding it.