Friday, July 31, 2009

Worth Saving

A few of the projects that are in the project bin are old things that need repair or ressecetation.

This is an old pillow of mine that sustained some dog inflicted damage. Our puppy isn't much for chewing up things now but the first 6 months or so after her adoption she did have a couple of destructive moments. This little pillow that my mom embroidered was one of the casualities.

I think I will bring it back with an addition that I will make...


ever jeanne said...

so many things have followed me back home. why just yesterday, i ripped the back off a frame and brought home the crewel piece that's stained and moldy. just couldn't let it go into the yard sale. had no trouble letting the frame go, though.

alsokaizen said...

I have an especially hard time parting with with hand-work done by members of my family. Its too special to part with.