Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tie Dye Class

I ran the kids tiedye class at the local library this evening.
Really alot of fun to watch the kids exploring something that is kind of old hat to me.
I've been working with tie dye for over 20 years now often in the same pattern/color combinations repeatedly (the variations on rainbows alone...)
Now, while it is true that each tiedye is different, its easy to forget the magic of discovery on your 20th day straight of rainbow spirals.
So these days I often forget to even look at patterns I've made many times before.*
The kids went at it with abandon though, breaking all the rules and really letting loose. They all went home with a couple of plastic bags full of wet dyed tshirts and bandannas to be washed out at home tomorrow (the set time of the dyes)
My only regret is that I won't be there to discover what they made with them.
I may have some pictures to share in a few days courtesy of Patti who runs the summer program.

*shibori is different!


ever jeanne said...

it's that romping with abandon, breaking all the rules, cutting loose that i miss so much. need to work on recapturing that.

alsokaizen said...

me too!