Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Oxygen Box

Today she ate something! That is a good sign. When we went over to visit she was somewhat alert (considering the pain killers) enough so that she managed to give us a little guilting with her big brown eyes (an art form she has mastered). She has been getting up to go outdoors to pee and got restless enough to have to be put into the oxygen box, a crate that has oxygen pumped into it. Her breathing has eased somewhat and she doesn't seem as swollen around the abdomen (from the pancreatitis). We are a bit more hopeful. The folks at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists are really at the top of their game. I'm very grateful that they are so good and we have the money to do this. There will be no vacation this year, or much of anything else... but I will still be able to visit mom in the summer. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers too, I truly believe it is making a difference.
Please excuse the incredibly poor quality of the picture, it was taken on a cell phone with lousy light conditions but it does show that she is holding her head up!

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