Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well I'm glad to see the end of this month. All in all it turned out far better than I ever dared hope for a while. I've been putting up some pretty short posts so here are some follow ups

The Puppy

What a trooper, she is doing very well considering her age and what she has gone through this last month and a half. Today she posed for me sporting the worst poodle cut ever.
We had a bit of a scare this week when she finally figured out we were giving her pills and that she doesn't much care for pills. I came home from yoga to find Lar at his wits end because she wouldn't eat or take her pills and she gagged a little bit. The solution was boiled chicken for her vodka for Lar.
So now she is my new hobby. She takes 18 pills a day, eats 3 meals a day (half canned half dry), she can't have cookies, people food or frosty paws so we are making dogsicles from bullion, plus giving her boiled chicken and fat free cottage cheese as snacks. She comes to work with us and spends the day in our office (mostly its good but by the end of the day she gets pretty antsy)
Last but not least we got this book so we can begin to work on her joints.
Some might find this extreme (or insane) for a dog, but hell we just made a pretty big investment in her so we figure we had better pay LOTS of attention to her.

Baked Onions and Cooking

Hey these turned out pretty good! I really loved the stuffing, it actually might work really well in stuffed apples...

The recipe is in this book

I recommend it, plenty of good stuff to try in it!
(today its carrot cilantro soup) mmm

Persephone's Path

OK these pictures are a bit better, a little washed out by the bright sun but definitely much more accurate colors. I'm still finding moments to do pin tucks each day and the project is creeping forward, in fact its time for me to do a little work on it now. Back tomorrow.

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