Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Persephone's Path 2

In a true act of Kaizen I have re-begun stitching on the second of the Persephone panels.

The piece I was working on last summer was one of the central parts of the story. This one represents the Kore, the very beginning of the story...

Persephone has multiple identities (as befits a goddess) the Kore is one of the names for her as a maiden.

but more about that another time.

I'm using one of the most blasted out pieces of discharge shiboi for this panel. I've basted it to a golden green ground (springtime/rebirth). A combo of running stitches and pintucks are being used to make a scattered diamond motif that gives it a little dimension and plays off of the very faint pattern the shibori left behind...
I'm trying to let the fabric/concept lead me down the path.

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jude said...

fabric speaks to me too.