Friday, February 6, 2009

Small and Large

I don't buy myself art very often. But knowing that it was my last chance to get a piece of Lisa Call's work before she changed the prices made me take the leap. I admire Lisa greatly for both her beautifully made art and her incredible work ethic. I would like to be like her but I don't think we are wired the same way.

This is ACEO #25

It measures 2.5" by 3"

It has so much impact for its size. The detail is wonderful. It is technically perfect. The composition is powerful. I love the colors. I'm so impressed with the piece and so happy I did this for myself.


Lisa said...

This looks great! Thanks for posting an image of it framed - way cool.

Thanks again for your purchase.

alsokaizen said...

My Pleasure Lisa, I love it!