Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The vet took a look at her tonight and she is really doing much better. They will have to confirm it but at first glance her bloodwork looked "low normal". That means we should be able to reduce the amount of prednisone in the next week or so, which in turn would be wonderful... I think prednisone is a double edged sword, it is capable of as much harm as good.
Just as good, today she rolled around on her back a bit! She hasn't done that in at least two weeks. Hooray!
OK... time to go look for some tax info that is missing (bleh)


jeanne herself said...

rolling on her back - that is very good news. and how are YOU doing? prednisone, a double-edged sword? oh yes. have i got stories . . .

alsokaizen said...

Oh yeah me too, some day I will tell ya the mango rash story... or why I don't buy anything thats even NEXT to the mangos in the supermarket!

I am doing pretty good htough its really good to see the pup feeling better and I'm thinking deeply about new ways to deal with the AB