Friday, March 13, 2009

Bee Paper

And off I go in another direction

This is paperwasp paper I found forever ago. Some creature had gutted the nest and I salvaged the paper. I think it is gorgeous. (My pack rat instincts are amazing) The wasps chew up wood and then create paper from it. I assume they use special wasp spit. Oddly this doesn't detract in the least from its beauty. Its a little hard to see the colors in it here but it is every shade of beige, grey and brown each in a little stripe. Very similar in appearance to wood grain almost as if they were reassmbling the trees it came from.

I'm still interested in making vessels and when I dug up the beepaper I just had to give it another try. The bee paper is too delicate to use on its own so I broke out the hand made paper I made with my mom (also forever ago). This stuff is as sewable as fabric and realy tough and it looks really nice with the bee paper since it has flowers in it!

I've been molding it around a vase and stitching it together. A little Frankenstien looking but I'm actually pleased with the way its shaping up now.

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