Friday, March 27, 2009


Another try with the burnt shibori.

The top layer (grey) is burnt the lower layer (gold) is not
My idea is to layer one over the other and stitch them
This first swing isn't quite there. I'm OK with the burn but I'm not lovin the two colors together

and I'm especially not satisfied with the itajime dye on either piece.

The predominately grey piece has a deep maroon line in it that I was hoping would go much further into the fabric.

The gold has a deeper golden brown color that also didn't go as deeply into the fabric as I had hoped.

So I've re-folded and re-dyed them with the dark colors

I'm still not too sure that I will care for the two colors together but I'm hoping to improve them individually, we will see tomorrow.

In other news I got out of work an hour early today and did some garden cleanup...

This is not especially interesting to any one but me but it feels so good to have the garden looking spiffy.


jude said...

gosh, this new stuff is fabulous!

alsokaizen said...

Thanks jude I hope it still looks good when I'm done messin with it!

tangled stitch said...

This is really beautiful. The colors are lovely.

alsokaizen said...

Thanks, I've changed the colors now but I'm still not sure the two pieces will go together in the end...

Anonymous said...

great stuff! love the garden-it does feel good to get it all spiffy-know that feeling-savor it!

i'm not sure what it is that you don't like on the gray piece(or maybe you were only referring to the gold) but i love the soft patterning on the gray. mist-like,foggy,peaceful
i feel you on the gold but redyeing is a good solution.
i love the idea of stitching them together-who knows where THAT will take you!

alsokaizen said...

HI Glennis
Well there were things I liked about the grey too but in the end it went back into the dye pot and it really isn't grey at all any more... I just had in mind a more maroon thing to go with the gold but in the end I didn't even stitch em together... best laid plans and so forth :)