Monday, March 23, 2009


Pronunciation: \ˈtrēt\
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English treten, from Anglo-French treter, traiter, traitier, from Latin tractare to drag about, handle, deal with, frequentative of trahere to drag, pull
Date: 14th century

intransitive verb

1: to discuss terms of accommodation or settlement : negotiate

2: to deal with a matter especially in writing : discourse —usually used with of

3: to pay another's expenses (as for a meal or drink) especially as a compliment or as an expression of regard or friendship

transitive verb

1 a: to deal with in speech or writing :

b: to present or represent artistically

c: to deal with : handle

2 a: to bear oneself toward : use

b: to regard and deal with in a specified manner —usually used with as

3 a: to provide with free food, drink, or entertainment

b: to provide with enjoyment or gratification4: to care for or deal with medically or surgically

5: to act upon with some agent especially to improve or alter

I am currently trying to treat with my artist self. We have been at odds for a long time and in order to move forward with my life some accommodation must be found.

One part of that accommodation is to be found in treating myself to small pleasures.

Another part is to let my artist take the lead in deciding what to do with regard to choosing projects.

Not surprisingly I have some difficulty with both of these aspects of the process.

This weekend brought a bouquet of flowers...

I just thought I'd check the definition of the word treat, I'm surprised how many of these definitions have something to do with the process I am undergoing.

I love dictionaries!

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