Monday, March 16, 2009

Blue Pieces

I've been trying to give my artistic impulses free reign instead of forcing myself to be "productive"... Thus the plethora of weird impulsive projects lately.
I have a bad habit of trying to direct/control my artist self. I get in my list focused mindset and I start pushing even when all the warning signs are going off. Eventually the artist in me gets mighty rebellious and declares a complete work stoppage.
Even then I will try to push through. The entire thing is painful and exhausting for both sides
(I'm really not schitzophrenic but this is a good way to describe the struggle that goes on in me)
My hope is that if I can learn to treat the artistic side of myself with some respect it will come out of hiding and perhaps I can learn to work with it instead of against it.
Well tonight I actually managed to work on one of the projects that is on my "to-do" list instead of start something new.
This may mean I have made some progress!
Above are some denim patchwork squares that are to be the base for a simple little project I've had sketched out for months. I'd love to get it done...

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