Saturday, March 21, 2009

Clearing Out

Oh it was far too nice out today to spend it inside so out I went to clear leathery old oak leaves out of the garden beds and get a nice chunk of the lawn dethatched.

This just proves I'm turning into my mom as she was the one who actually liked to rake the yard. I do admit there is a certain satisfaction to seeing it all neat and clean after a good raking. That is something I never would have appreciated when I was a pup.

These little tulips are now 4" tall. I just love the tiny tip of pink they have when they first come up.

This rather unassuming picture shows the species tulips coming up and some crocus behind it. Species tulips look so fragile but they aren't. Those little buggers come back strong year after year which cannot be said for they're larger more flamboyant cousins. I usually get one good year out of the big tulips and then they just peter out and stop coming back as anything but leaves.

I did get a little more top stitching done on the denim squares... still not completely happy with this set. It just doesn't seem as well thought out as I would like it to be. I'm just going to finish it and move on though. It is a project that has been waiting for me to do it for so long I just want to see it done and move on. I guess I'm sort of trying to clear out some of the old stuff from the studio too.

Tomorrow we may take a trip to the beach! Who knows I may come home with more beach stones.

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