Saturday, March 28, 2009

Take Two

Well here is how they came out after the second dye bath. I definately like the gold one better and the grey one is now red which was more of what I had origionally planned.

Frankly I'm still not sure that they are going to end up joined after all is said and done.

I think I like the red with grey behind it like in this photo

Right now I'm feeling a bit wiped because I not only did about 4+ hours of garden clean up today I also went shopping for new jeans which is always a bit of a trial, I'm happy to report I was successful in finding a pair of jeans and a pair of khakis, whoot!

Here is a bit of what is going on in the garden
a wooly bear caterpillar (I love these guys)

my first cocuses!

My first container plantng of the year, lavender, hardy pansies, and english daisies (I think they are really a type of primrose)

I did not take pictures of all the deer damage to my shrubs... apparently I have been choosing some tasty varieties of plant life, all my tulips in the back garden are sheared off at the ground, grrr.


jan in nagasaki said...

yay!yay! yay!!! I am so glad that jude linked to you because I love your tie-dye!! I had lost you!!!

if we end up going to the U.S. this summer, I will be making an order from you.... i love those shirts!!!and while i am a fan of thick cotton socks, i might be persuaded to try some bamboo.( I will be contacting you later once flight details have been confirmed.)(size: roomy large, sister:medium, nephew XL, )

and by the way... we have wooly caterpillars in our trees too but DON'T TOUCH THEM... they are covered in painful and itchy poison and i had one under my shirt once...

alsokaizen said...

I'm glad jude found me too
Really! wooly bears in Japan? cool... ours are pretty harmless, I suppose handling them too much might cause some skin irritation if you were really sensitive. around these parts its the wasps that you need to watch out for and the plants... poison ivy is everywhere and very very nasty stuff... even the roots are horrible for causing itchy awful rashes

Julie said...

We are members of at least 2 groups together but I have only just found your blog and am delighted that I have. I think I may have come here from Spirit Cloth yesterday. You do some fascinating things with shibori and I hope to try some out. I have only done a little shobori dyeing but I love the surprises you get. Just wish some of the stitching and tieing wasn't so hard on the fingers!

I think the daisy is what I know as Bellis Perennis which wiki also calls the English Daisy. Its flower is heavier and more compact than the common daisy that you find in your lawn (or rather we find in our lawns!)

ACey said...

the first time I learned how thoroughly deers can decimate a colony of tulips I was flat out enraged. Your little planter group is making me hungry for something similar in my space but I think it might still be a few weeks too early. This time of gardening year is SO restless-inducing!

jan in nagasaki said...

ok. I see your wooly worms, wasps and I raise it....

electric bugs....little horny looking things that if you accidentally touch it... feels like a bolt of painful electricity.

and, as long as i am going way too far on this subject... just brushing on a leaf that a wooly worm has been on causes painful itchy skin. they are potent creatures...

do you have the "killer giant Japanese hornets??"

back to business.... do you have your shirts and things in stock most of the time, or should I send you an e-mail later with specific information regarding what I will be wanting if indeed we end up flying to the states..

alsokaizen said...

Hi Julie
I'm glad you found me... I agree that the binding techniques can be really tough on the fingers (thats one of the reasons that I favor itajime!)
I think you nailed it with bellis perennis the flower on it actually resembles the form of a mum more than any daisies, very tight petal structure
Hi Acey
Yeh I'm feeling less than charitable to the deer round here at the moment, they ate my baby black pine down to bare branches! seriously who eats a black pine?
mmmm you are just enough north and west to still be in frost danger, my area is in a weird fluctuational zone between coastal and interior weather
this weekend I hear the spring peepers and I'm gonna go with them... they say plant stuff!
Jan you win!
it sounds as though you have jungle bugs! the only electric bugs we have are fire flies (actually beetles) and all they are is pretty to look at...
plus I've heard of Mothra and I don't want any part of that!
as to the sizes and types of shirts...
definately take a look at the etsy shop I usually have a bunch of different sizes in most of the styles but if you want to be sure or you want something that I don't seem to have let me know ahead of time and I can make ya somthin special